Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fort Benjamin Harrison

  Memorial day Charles and I were both off of work and it was wonderful to spend some time together! We started our day with breakfast at the Early Bird Pancake House which proved to be absolutely delicious! Next on our agenda was nap time! This was kind of an impromptu event but we felt so wonderful afterwards! Once we woke up a bit we met our friends Caitlyn and Logan and we packed all the dogs (they have three) up and headed to Fort Ben Harrison State park. I had never been there and was pretty excited.
  Once we arrived we met the Downtown Dog walking group. This is another group that I joined on Meetup.com which is such a wonderful way to find people who are interested in the same things you are! The organizer of the Great Dane group that I walk with is also a member of the Downtown Dogs so there were some faces (his and Cooper's, his Dane) that we knew waiting to greet us! The turn out was amazing and there were about 25 or so people there with their dogs! We headed on our trail started the 2 hour trek. It was a three mile trail and we were all pretty sweaty by the end and a little muddy but we had smiles on our faces! I was so proud of us! It might sound silly but we haven't been hiking in a long time so I didn't know how we would handle it but we did really well. Most of all I'm proud of Keena. Last summer she was a hefty 145 lbs and was miserable! Now, at a trim 130, she is like a whole new dog! She kept up with all the dogs and had a blast. I am making it my goal to go to a lot more walks and keep her happy!
    When we were done with the hike we headed back to the houses and dropped off the dogs and headed to get dinner at a Mexican restaurant! It was delicious and we had a great time catching up! Charles and Logan had fun playing Call of Duty after dinner.....oh boys! It was a great holiday and we hope you had a good one too!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Friday Letters

  My sister has a wonderful blog and she has started doing Friday Letters. I really liked the idea of it because it really encourages you to look at the good things that happened in the week instead of the negatives! So this is a day late but here it goes!

Dear Charles,
  Thank you so much for coming home yesterday with groceries and the ice cream and diet coke I was craving! I really appreciated it when you did all the dishes on top of that! You are an amazing husband and I am so lucky to have you! I love you!


Dear Keena,
  Thank you for loving me unconditionally. You never care if I'm cranky or had a bad day...you are always there to greet me with those soulful eyes and wagging tail. I love all the cuddles and kisses! I am looking forward to hiking with you in Fort Harrison on Monday! Be good!


Dear Louis,
  Thank you for entertaining me with your endless antics! You are quite the character and I really do enjoy watching you run around like a pyscho cat! You can be so sweet and cuddly...let's try and focus on that and not the clawing us if we move part, ok? 


Monday, May 13, 2013

Unexperienced Blogger!

So my wedding pics are in and gorgeous! I, unfortunately, am not very good with blogger's tools and cannot figure out how to make them smaller! Oh well...you will just see Chucky and I even BIGGER and better! :)

Wedding Pictures!

 The wedding pictures are here!! My sister, Allie, is visiting me this weekend and she brought the cd of wedding photos! I am so happy with them! I knew I would be....she is amazing! Turns out Chucky and I are really cute! Hahaha!!!